Horizons of Art

Horizons of Art 8

Dear colleagues,
We hereby cordially invite you to join us at the eighth International Web Conference Horizons of Art 8 / Horizonty umenia 8 organized by FMU AU and The OZ Koncertné združenie pri FMU AU in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) in September 2021.

The conference provides space for authors, interpreters, artists, theorists and scientists, pedagogues, and organizers who want to share their articles with other professionals.
The aim of the conference is to present the opinions and results of artistic, scientific and pedagogical work in the field of mainly musical, but also visual art, dramatic, film, and dance art.

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Mgr. Barbora Bortlová                     Formation of musical spiritual culture in Silesia; Developmental continuity of liturgical and spiritual music in Opavian Churches
Prof. Alexander Demchenko, PhD. The trajectory of Alexander Scriabin´s creativity; to the 150th anniversary of his birth
Mgr. art. Zuzana Hubinská, PhD. Martha Graham´s artist profile
Doc. Mgr. Martin Palúch, PhD. Gustav Deutsch´s visual answer to André Bazin´s question: What is cinema?
Mgr. Alžbeta Popaďáková Developing musical skills in organ playing through a Czech organ method Škola na varhany
Mgr. Dominika Sondorová, PhD. &
Mgr. Ladislav Tischler, PhD.
Theatrical avant-garde in Russia and Czech
Mgr. art. Marek Štrbák, PhD., ArtD. Organ works of selected Slovak composers of the 20th Century
Mgr. Iveta Štrbák Pandiová, PhD. The music legacy of count Jozef Mailáth V. in Medzibodrožie



Mgr. Lenka Bednárová Worship leader
PhDr. Mária Glocková, PhD. Surfing on the waves of contemporary art
Enrique Martínez, M.A. Notes on Jose Ortega y Gasset´s Essay
Mgr. art. Mária Nečesaná, PhD. Children´s world of Juraj Hatrík
Mick Stern, Professor Emeritus What is art?
Suvorov Vasyl & Nazar Yroslav

Synthesis of the concept «Creativity – Performance – Science» in the bayan-accordion art of Ukraine in the XXI Century

Prof. Mária Tomanová, ArtD. Ján Zemko – the tenor of inexhaustible energy and endurance



PaedDr. Mgr. art. Patricia Biarincová, PhD.                                                           Selected media applicable under the art action issue for the old school age period
Mgr. Slávka Gécová Creative games with paper
Doc. PaedDr. PhD. Zuzana Chanasová Winter variations of action models for a literary motive in preschool age
Mgr. Miroslava Ivanová Development of a toddler´s musical abilities in a family environment on the example of a specific child
Mgr. Michal Jarabica Music technologies and perspective of systematic education of sound creation
Mgr. Hana Juhász Muchová Constructs of visual communication
Dr. Morel Koren &
PaedDr. Mgr. Mária Strenáčiková, PhD.
Nurturing singing and music literacy in schools with the artificial intelligence-based software, „Solfy“
PhDr. David Kozel, Ph.D. The archetypal music psychotherapy as a discourse of music and psychology
Mgr. Ivana Lacková Pedagogic interpretation of Monteverdi´s opera Orfeo
MgA., Lic. Markéta Schaffartzik, DiS. Philosophy of yoga and its application in voice education
PaedDr. Dagmar Strmeňová, PhD. Musical perception
Prof. PaedDr. Daniela Valachová, PhD. Methods of self-realization in expressive stimuli of actors