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A new era of digital platforms in music e-ducation (NERa)
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The COVID-19 crisis has hit music industry – both in its performing and educational aspect – particularly hard, becoming therefore one of the most disadvantaged area, in every respect. The traditional, personal way of music education and training – as the traditional mode was not passable anymore – needed to undergo a rapid digital adaption. The coronavirus pandemic revealed: reality makes us always creative. The digital environment raised a lot of tricky factors: besides being aware of these, we realised the immediate necessity of “recycling” the traditional elements, and/or finding creative, new focuses. There has been an ongoing, clamant need to enhance skills development and digital competences that reinforce creativity, contributing to the recovery and resilience of the music education sector. We have to become aware and acknowledge that all the challenges the cultural and creative fields are facing in this global crisis, represent also the opportunities for them to renew approach and methods, also find a new, creative way of music teaching, without sacrificing its main definition.

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The aim of the project is to develop digital pedagogical competences of HEIs’ music educators through a) the development and use of an innovative audio database of parts/voices of the vocal, instrumental music compositions comprised within the music curriculum, b) the development of progressive integrated digital curriculum of vocal, instrumental, theoretical music teaching and training subjects. With the utilization of high-quality digital content (audio database tool and digital focused curriculum), the project improves music educators’ practical skills in digital music teaching and training with contribution to the modernisation and digital transformation of HEI education and training systems.


Coordinator: Eszterházy Károly Catholic University Eger (H)
Partner 1: University of Rzeszów (PL)
Partner 2: Conservatorio Lorenzo Perosi Campobasso (I)
Partner 3: Conservatorio Ottorino Respighi Latina (I)
Partner 4: Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica (SK)
Partner 5: Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca (RO)
Partner 6: Zeneiroda Kft. (H)


1) Methodological guide for music instrumental, vocal and theoretical HEI teaching/training staff in order to approaching more digital
    and resilient recovery from Covid-19.
2) Innovative audio database of parts/voices of the vocal, instrumental music compositions, comprised within the music curriculum,
    to meet the need for modernisation and digital transformation of music education and training systems.
3) Progressive integrated digital curriculum of vocal, instrumental, theoretical music teaching and training subjects at partner HEIs.   

Methodology to be used in carrying out the project:
a) Identify, edit, create best practices in online and blended music education and training by music educators and digital technology
b) Create and use online resources and tools as well as manuals necessary for digital music education activities.
c) Share resources and expertise, collaborate with digital technology experts.
d) Promote networking, strengthen the strategic and structured cooperation between HEIs.


In response of the Covid-19 situation, the project aims to obtain updated, qualitative and modern resources, tools for music teaching and training; a multidimensional, multifocal, complex, transformative approach; helps the implementation of digital components and viewpoints into the traditional music teaching, enhancing also the recovery of all the paths of
communication in/through music. The partnership cooperation complements and adds up the efforts to help the cultural sector recover from crisis situations, thereby also contributing to the EU’s strategic priorities.

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