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NERa: A new era of digital platforms in music e-ducation
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The COVID-19 crisis has hit music industry – both in its performing and educational aspect – particularly hard, becoming therefore one of the most disadvantaged area, in every respect. The traditional, personal way of music education and training – as the traditional mode was not passable anymore – needed to undergo a rapid digital adaption. The coronavirus pandemic revealed: reality makes us always creative. The digital environment raised a lot of tricky factors: besides being aware of these, we realised the immediate necessity of “recycling” the traditional elements, and/or finding creative, new focuses. There has been an ongoing, clamant need to enhance skills development and digital competences that reinforce creativity, contributing to the recovery and resilience of the music education sector. We have to become aware and acknowledge that all the challenges the cultural and creative fields are facing in this global crisis, represent also the opportunities for them to renew approach and methods, also find a new, creative way of music teaching, without sacrificing its main definition.

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Transnational Project Meeting na pôde FMU AU

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V piatok 4.2.2022 sa na pôde Fakulty múzických umení Akadémie umení v Banskej Bystrici realizovalo stretnutie Transnational Project Meeting v rámci projektu A new era of digital platform in music e-ducation, ktorý je zameraný na zlepšovanie prakticko-teoretických vedomostí a zručností pedagógov pôsobiacich v oblasti hudobného umenia. Jeho zámerom je zdokonaľovanie vzdelávania v zmysle používania digitálnych technológií a modernizácie a digitálnej transformácie hudobného vzdelávania. Výstupy projektu smerujú k lepšiemu prispôsobovaniu vokálneho, inštrumentálneho a teoretického štúdia hudby online podmienkam a k zvýšeniu používania digitálnych platforiem a zdrojov na obohatenie tradičného hudobného vzdelávania.

→ NERa v ART3 01/2022

ART3 01 2022

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